Developed Software

  1. Experience with UNIX, VMS, and networking facilities,  LabVIEW, MATLAB, FORTRAN, and C++. Developed  the following MATLAB toolboxes,
  2. WAVE-NET Toolbox (by Safavi and Romagnoli): To perform several wavelet  and wavelet-based neural   networks design and analysis (1996) .
  3. MPC-PLUS Toolbox (by   Odenthal, Safavi, Romagnoli): To study and design  Model Predictive Control (1997).
  4. SIMU-CONTROL Toolbox (by   Brett, Safavi, Palizban, Romagnoli (1997) and extended by Safavi, Hosseini, Homayooni, 2000 ): To perform several advanced control techniques within Matlab/Simulink environment .
  5. APCON-GUI Toolbox (By Safavi, Shojaee, and Hasanly): To perform linear and advanced process control using GUI facilities of MATLAB (2000).