Some of the Postgraduate Theses Supervised

  1. Model predictive control of a multicomponent distillation column and its stability analysis. (MEngSc- Ali SadeghZadeh, 2000)
  2. Identification and modeling of a two-degree of feedom stable platform mounted on a helicopter. (AlirezaMohammadi, 2002)
  3. Real-Time control of a thermal process using multiple model approach. (MEngSc- ArashAminzadeh, 2003)
  4. Hybrid simulator of a combined cycle power plant. (MEngSc ,AbdolhamidSalehi, 2003).
  5. Web-Based On-Line Advanced Monitoring Systems, 9MEngSc-Mojtaba Mastaly-2008).
  6. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) modeling and their fault Detection investigation, (MEngSc-Ehsan Keikha-2008).
  7. A new approach for neural network observer-based synchronization problem of chaotic systems,(MEngSc-Vahid Naghavi-2008).
  8. Designing a predictive controller for traffic control on motorways, (MEngSc- AzitaDabiri, 2009)
  9. Vehicle’s Fuel Injection using Intelligent Controllers, (MEngSc-Fereshteh Barghi, 2009).
  10. Optimal Energy Management Strategies Based on Fuzzy Logic for a Hybrid Electric Vehicle, (MEngSc- AhadSoltani, 2009).